The Mother of All Opinions - Classic Football Shirts Part 2

The first football kit interview with my mum was well received, and left readers wanting to hear more of her quite frankly awful opinions. So I interviewed her again to find out her thoughts on five more beautiful shirt designs. If you missed the first one, you can find it by clicking here.

This is a woman that thinks 16 players start a football match, 8 players per team. We all know that well-known 4-2-2 formation. This just goes to show the level of football knowledge she has. She has more interest in watching paint dry than the patterns on a football shirt.

I showed her five more shirts, removing the club crests, and here’s what she thought:

Shirt 1.

Roma Away Shirt 2019-2020 Mihikitarian Classic Football Shirt

This Roma 2019-20 away shirt design struck a chord with football shirt fanatics worldwide.

We all love that bold and unique lightning bolt sash featuring unmistakable Roma colours, but what does Mum think? Well, apparently it reminds her of Harry Potter's scar. I'm pretty sure that wasn't the look the designers were going for. Nevertheless, she does love the colour scheme. She particularly likes the fact that the Nike ticks are colour coordinated; apparently she hates them when they are in plain black or white. 

I didn't expect her to know which club donned this kit, but I certainly didn't expect her to say "India". According to Mum, Qatar, the airline that sponsors this shirt, is a city based in India. She never fails to amaze me.  

Shirt 2.

England 1992 Third Shirt Three Lions

Up next is England's third shirt from 1992. I thought the three huge lions might give the team away, and they did; Mum immediately guessed the correct team. However, she did say that she'd never seen them play in it before. Well that would be because it was only used twice in friendlies with Czechoslovakia and Spain.

Now onto the design, Mum is not a fan. She thinks England deserve better and described it as "gimmicky and tacky". She's probably not wrong. This is one of the only times in England kit history that the designers went absolutely bonkers. That doesn't stop me loving it. Unfortunately we haven't seen anything quite like it since. 

Shirt 3.

Liverpool 1989-91 Home Shirt Candy

Liverpool wore this iconic shirt the last time they won the league in 1990.

It took three guesses for Mum to get the owner of this shirt correct, answering incorrectly with Arsenal and Manchester United. They all wear red shirts, so that's pretty decent knowledge from her. 

More importantly, what's her opinion of the shirt? She particularly likes the neckline on this one and loves the sponsor, as she used to have a Candy hoover. However, according to her, it looks as though a bird has shat all over the shirt. I've certainly never looked at it like that, but she has a point. It doesn’t stop this shirt being a beauty though. 

Shirt 4.

Arsenal Bruised Banana Home Shirt 1991-1993 Ian Wright

Here is the infamous bruised banana away shirt worn by Arsenal in the early 90s. 

Mum started off by saying this is her favourite scarf design that we have produced. Then followed by saying it looks like a Newcastle United shirt. Nice one. 

It's one of the most popular kit designs in history, but my mum hates it. It reminds her of a "bumble bee on acid". She just couldn't get her head around it being called the bruised banana. "It doesn't look anything like a banana?", she questioned. Well, Mum, it doesn't look anything like a bumble bee on acid either. 

Shirt 5.

Celtic 1991-1992 Away Shirt

Last up is Celtic's 1991-1992 Away Shirt. This shirt was recently listed in the National Football Museum’s hall of shame. But what does my mum think?

Firstly, she completely destroyed the whole point of this interview by correctly guessing that it was a Celtic shirt. Upon getting it right, I don't think I've ever seen her so happy. 

In regards to the design, she despises it. I think most Celtic fans would echo her opinion. She believes "the designers have overthought this one". She went on to say that there's far too much going on and the "mud" at the top of the design ruins the whole shirt. I'm going to have to disagree with her on this one, I'm a fan. 

If you would like to hear more of my mum's awful opinions, then click here. 

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