That OGS '99 winner and the away shirt from '77 - A couple of UtdBeforeFergie's favourite United memories

UtdBeforeFergie is the most popular Manchester United history page on Twitter that focuses on the times before November 1986. If you're a Manchester United fan and don't follow this account, you're missing out. Click here to follow. 

We caught up with our good friend Paul, the founder of UtdBeforeFergie, to find out about his favourite football memories.

What inspired you to start your Twitter account?
Paul: Having been on Twitter for a while, most of the United chat on there was about the current side but very little about any of the fantastic teams we had prior to Sir Alex so I thought it might be a good idea to create a page purely for us older fans....the rest is history. 

    What's your favourite United moment?
    Paul: It has to be the Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer winner v Bayern Munich in the 99 European Cup Final which clinched the first ever treble but there have been many different moments they have defined our history. 

    Fans' Favourite: What a moment. I absolutely love watching this clip back. That Peter Schmeichel cartwheel is iconic!

    What's your favourite United goal?
    Paul: Too many to single one out but as a kid, I loved Ray Wilkins curler in the 83 FA Cup Final v Brighton & Norman Whitesides winner in the 85 FA Cup Final, Everton were a class act back then so it was a huge result. 

    Fans' Favourite: As a Brighton fan, I would like to thank Paul for bringing up that Ray Wilkins goal. What a goal though.

    Who's your favourite United player?
    Paul: Growing up, it was Bryan Robson but I also loved Norman Whiteside and Mark Hughes 

    Fans' Favourite: Look out for the @UtdBeforeFergie player appreciation days, where Paul and his followers focus on the highs and lows of a variety of former Manchester United Players. 


    What's your favourite United shirt?
    Paul: Home - any of the classic 80s Adidas designs. Away - it'll be tough to beat the legendary 1977 3 stripe shirt. 

    Fans' Favourite: We're with you there, Paul. That away Manchester United design is a classic, and it remains a firm fan favourite to this day. 

    Manchester United 1977 Shirt, Retro football

    What's your least favourite United shirt?
    Paul: That awful grey design from 96 and most of the recent shirts. 

    Fans' Favourite: At the time, the grey '96 'invisible' shirt was awful. It's been voted as United's worst ever shirt. If I remember rightly, United never won wearing it. Is it wrong that we kind of like it?

    Eric Cantona Invisible Shirt 1986

    Fans' Favourite have created a scarf inspired by UtdBeforeFergie's favourite away shirt, variations of which were worn between 1975-1980. You can take a look by clicking here. Don't forget to use this promo code for 10% off: UtdBeforeFergie

    Manchester United Retro Football Scarf, 1975-80 shirt


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